Installing new software often involves making decisions about hardware, network configuration, user accessibility and file integrity.  Data conversions, training and customization requirements can be involved as well.  Pulling it all together is often an overwhelming task.

When lack of available resources and expertise prevent a client from undertaking its own Project Management, we can help.  With extensive technical skills and in-depth knowledge Aspire Project Suite, our project managers can analyze the requirements, propose an implementation plan that works, and direct your implementation through to the finish.


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Data conversions can be extremely cost effective and can dramatically reduce the time and resources required to get your initial data loaded into Aspire. We will be happy to provide this service to assist in the implementation process.

Any Aspire product can be customized.  We can integrate new features with existing products, add or modify reports and listings and even change the look and feel of a product. And when the customization adds functionality that we can incorporate in to a product for general use it can result in significant cost savings for the client.

All customization is performed by our in-house software developers.  Strict quality assurance measures ensure defect free products that function to specification.

Bedford Systems Management Ltd. is a full support company offering training, customization, data conversions, project management and consulting services

Our trainers work intimately with the development team and have unprecedented knowledge of Aspire Project Suite.  All products include concise on-line help documentation.  Our web site provides additional support through our newsletter, frequently asked questions and client services areas. 

Training is available on-site and can be customized for group or classroom style presentation.  Our web based training is a convenient option and telephone training is often enough for some types of instruction.

For more information on training programs and rates, contact us at (905) 641-1264, or submit a request for information.

Consulting has always been a large part of our business at Bedford Systems Management Ltd.  We are active in mid range and mainframe consulting including project management, feasibility studies and custom design and development of vertical systems.   



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