Aspire Project Suite is a complete project costing and business management solution designed for service based organizations and companies requiring project-oriented time, materials and expense recording.


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Advanced security features

On-line help, technical support and updates

Extensive user documentation and on-line help is shipped with every installation, including set up and getting started help, descriptions of features and tips on how to get the most out of the products!  Several support plans are available to offer technical support and insure your investment is protected with access to updates, new features and enhancements!   

  • User expiry and password change control

  • Menu and option level access control, including functionality allowed within the menu option!

  • Company access control that allows users access to selective companies as required

  • Controlled project access for project managers in Project Costing, including project manager groups and other special features

  • Timesheet approval rights for supervisors and project managers (available when Timesheet Entry installed), including employee reporting groups and many other options

  • Purchasing approval rights for supervisors and project managers (available when Purchasing installed) using specified approval limits for each user and more

Full audit ability in every module

Multi-company and multi-currency built in


Any feature in any module can be customized.  All customization is performed right here at Bedford Systems Management Ltd. By our developers.  We maintain a high level of integrity by insuring the integration of all customization is performed optimally, with minimal disruption to the client.

  • Work can be reviewed before affecting the business and project budgets     

  • A complete audit trail is maintained in every module and tagged with user id, date and time

  • Tasks can be divided between individuals, for example data entry, proofing and posting functions.  This capability supports important accounting principles of divided responsibility and reduces overall risk!

Data integrity and file handling

Aspire consists of an integrated, high speed, maintenance free file handling system complete with fast response times and unrestricted file sizes.  Other than regular backing up, no ongoing maintenance is required.  No additional resources are required to support the product.    Full record and file locking is built in to our multi-user version and transaction tracking capabilities come with the optional Application Server product.

Standard with the Aspire suite of products is the capability of multi-company and multi-currency processing.  No add on modules are required for these.

Security is comprehensive and flexible.  In addition to password protection at the module level, the following sophisticated features are standard:


Your accountant will agree that batch processing is an extremely important feature to look for in a product, for the following reasons:

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