• Comprehensive and speedy project set up features with intuitive copy functions and the use of work breakdown structure templates and prototypes where appropriate

  • Budgeting and change order control functionality with actual to budget comparative reporting

  • Unlimited notes and comments that can be viewed in logical, convenient locations, including extensive timesheet notes that can be viewed with any cost detail inquiry and when billing

  • Project manager access to client data including contacts and client billing history as well as the collections history and payment trends analysis for the clients they are working with

  • Quick and easy methods for entering data in all modules

  • Client billing functionality that allows for customized invoice formats and the ability to write up, write down, add, remove and adjust any aspect of the invoice, conveniently and quickly.  Flexibility can't be overstated here

  • Incisive reports and inquiries to assist with billing and cost control

  • Complete control over any aspect of the project, including how activities and functions are used on the project, the billable status of each and the billing method and rates used.  Also the ability to change these things while the project is in progress

  • Unlimited history kept on completed projects for as long as required so past projects can be reviewed, reactivated or used as templates when setting up similar new projects

  • Resource performance analysis, both for the project and for all work performed by the resource

  • Option to record and manage WIP posted to the General Ledger, including quick methods for adjusting WIP for a project

  • Convenient ways to move costs from one project to another without the cumbersome reverse and re-entry that is often required

  • Billing rate tables that can be customized for individual projects

  • Flexible reports and inquiries with extensive options for customizing the data to view, alternate styles in presentation and convenient access from various locations in the software

  • Option for project managers to review and approve costs before they affect the project budget (for timesheets and purchases).  Ability to view committed costs against the project budget even before the vendor invoice is received

  • Full integration between modules with no third party interfaces, work arounds or cumbersome procedures required

  • Availability of customization for any feature or module

  • Timely access to technical support

  • A commitment to continued product development with new and improved features regularly added to the product

Designed specifically for service based companies, Aspire Project Suite allows you to record and monitor project activity for performance, resource utilization and profitability.  Seamlessly integrated with a full set of financials including General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, it is a complete solution.  Optional modules for Purchasing, Timesheet Entry for Employees and Canadian Payroll complement the standard suite and can be added at any time.

Brochures and product features are available to help you decide whether this product is right for you.  You can also request our fully functional evaluation to use in the comfort of your office.  The sample company demonstrates the power and flexibility of this product.

Our development staff will be happy to arrange a live demonstration, conducted by us, to show you what Aspire Project Suite can do.  We can also perform a proof of concept to demonstrate how the product handles your unique requirements. 

Here is a list of features that came up repeatedly when our existing clients were considering this product for their business:

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