Accounts Receivable

Billing clients and managing the subsequent receivables are crucial business activities for project oriented companies. Practical and effective methods are required to expedite collections and keep receivables in check.  Aspire Accounts Receivable offers statistics and analysis windows that track client payment patterns and a collections processing feature that pulls it all together in one location.  Reviewing and assessing your receivables, contacting the client and recording the arrangements can all be performed in one window. The comprehensive reporting, informative inquiries and flexible data entry options offer everything you need to monitor, control and  manage cash flow.

Some features in Aspire Accounts Receivable include:

  • Miscellaneous client option for single use clients and invoices

  • Extensive adjustment and correction options with full audit trail and automatic correction in interfacing modules

  • Receipts processing that includes invoice receipts, miscellaneous (no client or invoice) and unapplied (no invoice) receipts with handy multiple invoice select option

  • Deposit option that will allocate a deposit to one or more projects and is immediately visible on the project

  • One step payment transfers and full receipt reversals

  • Sophisticated tax structures that handle any calculation method and phased in rate changes

  • Payment trend analysis feature that tracks changes in client payment patterns

  • Dynamic feature that allows you to group clients for collections purposes based on days old, ascending or descending receivables balance, credit category and more.  The worksheet provides all the information you'll need to follow up with the client, including contact information and full client particulars

  • Collections history feature for recording arrangements, call backs and follow up action.Organize by subject line, user, entry date or action date.  Information access can be controlled by allocating an access status of public, view only or private

  • Link arrangements directly to a project or invoice and show on the Aged Receivables Listing

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