This area provides access to on-line technical support and current updates available for Aspire Project Suite products.  Below you'll find information on technical support and logging an incident.

Requesting Technical Support

Technical support is provided with subscription to our Complete Support and Maintenance Plan.  For subscribers to the Software Protection Plan and anyone that does not subscribe to any plan, technical support will be billed at $90.00 per hour with a minimum $45.00 charge.

Click here to purchase a plan or upgrade to Complete Support and Maintenance now!

Issues covered under the Plan include troubleshooting problems and answering questions related to purchased Aspire Project Suite products.

Support will be provided for the following:

Updates and Release Notes

  • Installation of a product purchased from Bedford Systems Management Ltd.

  • Description of features and functionality of software modules

  • Assistance with navigation and operation of software modules

  • Assistance with interpreting Help and any other software documentation

  • Problem analysis and resolution**

**  Incidents caused by equipment failure, operating environment changes, network integrity, third party software or negligence will be billed at $90.00 per hour with a minimum $45.00 charge.

How to request Technical Support:

To handle your incident quickly and efficiently, please have a computer and printer available and a user id with full security access to the software and your data.  You'll also need a telephone accessible in the same work area as the computer.

When support is requested, have the following information available:

  • A description of the operating environment and equipment specifications associated with the error.  We'll also need the specific Aspire software module you were accessing at the time the error occurred

  • The error message and particulars provided by the software (if available).  If the error involves printing, run the report again and print the options page

  • The name of the program or report you were using when the error occurred.  Program names appear in the Program Information box on the Help pull down.  Report names appear in the upper left corner of the listing

  • A copy of any relevant printed documentation (such as reports and windows) that could assist in troubleshooting

  • A copy of the Error Log printed for the Aspire module you were accessing.  (Click Help on the Main Menu in the applicable module to access the on-line help document, or press F1.  Look in the Contents under Special Processing to get assistance on how to print the Error Log)

  • A chronological list of events leading up to the error.  Include your take on the situation if you think you know what caused the error.  This is an area where accuracy is essential.  It is important for you to describe the situation using report names, window names and field names exactly as they appear in our products

  • incident.

Click here to log your technical support incident on-line, or call Bedford Systems at (905) 641-1264 and identify your call as a technical support incident.  A Call Reference# will be allocated to your incident.  Please use this reference# for all correspondence relating to your incident.


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