Bedford Systems Management Ltd. is a Canadian private corporation providing quality software solutions and consulting services since 1983.  Aspire Project Suite was originally developed in 1988 and transformed over time into the powerful, flexible product we proudly offer today. 

Always reliable, easy to use and affordable, this product has stood the test of time.  Backed by a team of seasoned professional consultants, programmers and software designers, our products are conceived, designed, developed, tested, marketed and supported here at Bedford Systems. The level of support we our clients receive is rarely seen in the software industry today!  Any feature in any product can be customized to suit the requirements of our clients and all customization is performed at Bedford Systems to ensure the integrity of our product.



Years in Business

Our Executives

Michael J. Purser, President

Michael was born and educated in Bedfordshire, England.  He founded Bedford Systems Management Ltd. in 1983 and headed up the original product development team in 1988.  Michael's background includes consulting with Imperial Oil Ltd., Seven-Up Canada, Pratt & Whitney, Gillette, Cadbury Schweppes Powell Ltd., McDonnell Douglas Ltd., and numerous other large (and smaller) organizations.  He is currently involved in project management of web development and deployment applications.

Possessing unprecedented knowledge and experience with product design techniques and the more technical aspects of development, Michael is an exceptional project manager.

Michael is a member of the Project Management Institute and regularly upgrades his project management skills.

Diane Purser, Development Manager

Diane was born and educated in Canada and has a diverse background consisting of accounting and computer science.  Joining Bedford Systems in 1983, Diane was a member of the original development team.  She has spent more than a little time with accounting systems and has extensive experience in PC based software development.   

Diane is responsible for the design and usability aspects of product development.  She is active in all areas of the development life cycle, including technical writing and the production of manuals and help files.

Marlene Chuyow, Development Team Leader

Marlene was also born and educated in Canada.  She has a background that includes administration and computer science.  Prior to joining Bedford Systems in 1987, she was employed as a programmer by a major engineering firm.  Her experience developing project oriented applications made her a valuable member of the original development team.  Marlene's current role is overseeing program development. 

Possessing an extraordinary understanding of our products and what they are capable of, Marlene's current role includes quality assurance and product testing.

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